My son got into big trouble at school

My wife and I pay a lot of money a semester so our two children can go to private school.

We want them to have a better education than they can get in the public school area.

The private school offers the best academics for science, math, and technology. The school has state of the art equipment that only laboratories and college rooms have access to. The school has a zero tolerance for drugs, violence, or weapons. If you get into trouble for an offense in one of these categories, the student risks expulsion. Each one of the students including both of my children and their parents have to sign a code of conduct policy at the beginning of the school year. Each year that the children have been attending the school, they have had to fill out an honor code and read the contents of the book. My son still decided to break the rules by transporting recreational marijuana to school. My wife and I had recreational marijuana in our home. It was in the bedroom and a place where we believed it would be locked up and safe from the kids. After all, recreational marijuana is legal in the state for adults over the age of 21. My son broke into the box and took a bag of marijuana to school. The bag of marijuana smelled horrible and it was very clear that the illegal substance was inside of my son’s locker. The school contacted both my wife and I and we had to come down to the school where the police were waiting with the dean of students.


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It's hard to find a good barber

One of the best things about going to the barber is getting a good shave and a beard trim.

There are only a couple of places in the city that offer these luxurious services as part of the everyday package.

I go to a local shop every Saturday morning to sit with my boys and get a haircut. Me and the gang have standing appointments every week to get the works done. We get a haircut, beard trim, hot shave, and a 20 minute massage by a licensed therapist. Some people say the place is a spa for men and I don’t particularly care if that’s true or not. There‚Äôs a red and white pole out front so I say that the place is a barbershop. One of the best parts about the place is the fact that they allow recreational marijuana inside of the building. My friends and I can sit and relax and smoke a bowl while we’re waiting our turn to go. They’re really aren’t a lot of places that allow indoor cannabis. Because of the laws, you have to be a private establishment. I’m not sure how this place gets away with indoor cannabis use, but I’m happy to have a cool place for my friends and I too sit and relax and use marijuana while we enjoy the services that the barber has to offer. Just last week the guys and I stopped at a marijuana dispensary on the way to the shop. We picked up a couple of infused free rolls. They smelled better than anything that we have ever smoked in the past.



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The delivery driver arrived an hour later

I ordered supplies from a recreational marijuana dispensary that offers free delivery services.

I regularly use the marijuana dispensary to order products, because they have excellent prices and a huge selection of cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates are made from the cannabis plant. Concentrates are made by extracting the natural cannabis oils from the plant. The cannabis oils contain a high amount of thc. The cannabis dispensary near me always has good prices on their concentrates and many of them are cured or live resin products. I went online to order from the website on friday. I finished placing my order at 5 minutes past 7:00. I received a phone call from a budtender in the store as soon as I finished placing the order. The woman wanted to verify my name, address, and phone number. She also verified the contents of the order to make sure that nothing was missing or incorrect. She told me that the delivery driver was out of the store, but she felt that it would be about 90 minutes for delivery. The time frame sounded reasonable to me. It usually takes longer to get cannabis than it does to get pizza. I placed the order with the cannabis dispensary and then I called to place an order for pizza. Of course, the pizza arrived before the cannabis supplies. By the time we were done feasting on pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom pizza, our cannabis supplies arrived so we could get high before we went to bed. It was a pretty good Friday night, considering it was raining outside for hours.
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My friend and I had a great time at the zoo

One of my favorite activities is going to the zoo. I have season tickets for the zoo that allows me to get in anytime I want for free. I can also take one friend with me that gets in for free too. When Jack came to visit me for the holidays, he said he wanted to go to the zoo. I thought it was strange that Jack wanted to go to the zoo after all of the other places that we could have gone. He insisted that we would have a good time. We packed marijuana supplies with us so we could get high all day. We decided to take marijuana vape pens to the zoo. I didn’t know if we would honestly find anywhere to smoke a joint or a bowl but I knew we would be able to use the marijuana vape pen no matter where we were. The marijuana vape pen is odorless and very discreet. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and requires no extra parts or pieces. If you have a disposable pen, you can simply puff on it until it is dead. If you have a rechargeable vape pen, then it’s important to make sure that the battery is charged. Most batteries on marijuana vape pens last 24 hours or more and disposable vape pens have an even longer shelf life. Jack and I enjoyed our time at the zoo. I learned some information about the elephants that I didn’t know after Jack insisted that we go to the elephant feeding. It was the first time he ever saw an elephant up close and personal. His parents never took him to the zoo when he was a kid.



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The birds flew away with my bag of marijuana

My friends and I went to the park on Saturday to play football.

There is a large group of guys that meet at the park every Saturday for a pickup game.

We don’t play full on tackle, but the game can get rough when there are a lot of players. We try not to cause any major physical injuries during the game. One of my favorite things to do before we go to the field on Saturday is to get high. I like to smoke marijuana before we go play football. I think marijuana adds to the experience. I took marijuana with me to the park on Saturday so I could smoke a bowl when we took a break. I put my backpack on a picnic table close to the football field. When we took our break, I walked over to the table to grab my bag and a bowl. I got out the bag of marijuana from my backpack. It was about half full of marijuana products. I took a few nuggets out of the bag and set it down on the picnic table. About 30 seconds later, a bird started flying right in my direction. I thought it was going to fly right into my head and then it quickly dropped down and grabbed my bag of marijuana. I couldn’t believe the bird flew away with my bag of marijuana. I watched the bird go higher and higher and then I saw something fall to the ground. The bird must have realized that the marijuana was not food when he finally dropped it from the sky.


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Jack saved the day with the vape pen

Jack and I went to a soccer game last month.

It was my first time ever attending a professional soccer game. The stadium was even bigger than the football stadium. The stands were packed with people that were cheering for the home team. I didn’t know what to expect at the event. It was my first time ever going to a professional soccer game. Dad played soccer in college and he was a huge fan of the sport. He promised we would have fun when we went to the soccer game and he was right. I thought I would be bored with the action, like golf or tennis. It turns out that soccer actually has a lot of action. The ball is constantly moving and exchanging hands just like in the game of hockey. I didn’t take recreational marijuana products with me to the soccer match. I honestly didn’t know if we would get into trouble and I wasn’t sure we would even have an opportunity to smoke. Jack saved the day, because he decided to bring to marijuana vape pens. One of the marijuana vape pens was for Jack and the other one was for me. Jack had a Blue Dream sativa cartridge on his marijuana vape pen and I had a Jack Herer cartridge on my vape pen. We discreetly smoked cannabis products the whole time we were at the soccer match and no one complained about the smell or the fact that we were vaping in the stadium. The vape pen products were virtually odorless and undetectable.

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The first day at work was a doozy

My best friend got me a job at a local marijuana dispensary.

I wanted to work at the dispensary for a while.

I put in my application a couple of times but I never got any phone calls from the owner or manager. My best guy friend got a job at the dispensary working as a delivery driver. I asked him to talk to the manager about my application. I was working at the grocery store then, but I would have left in a heartbeat for a job at the marijuana dispensary. Jack spoke to the manager about my application. The woman did not even recognize my name. She had never bothered to look at my application, because I did not have any experience. Jack assured the manager that I would be a good hire. She told the manager that I would work hard and always be on time. I super appreciated my friend going the extra mile for me. The night manager interviewed me and hired me at the marijuana dispensary. I promised Jack that I would never do anything to make him look bad. He really stuck his neck out for me so I could get a job at the dispensary too. My first day at the marijuana dispensary was Monday. It was a real doozy too. The store was busy due to a 20% off storewide sale. I got thrown into the deep end as soon as I arrived. Customers were asking me questions about marijuana strains and products and I honestly didn’t have the first clue how to help them. I felt like I was in way over my head.
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