I could have ended up getting into massive trouble

Tuesday night I was shutting everything up at the marijuana dispensary plus I noticed a homeless person was taking it easy in the parking lot.

  • The homeless person was sitting down next to the dumpster.

It was a terribly cold plus chilly night plus I could tell that the homeless person was trying to block the wind. The guy was covered up with newspapers, and basically, it is my duty to make sure that everyone is out of the parking lot. I was going to make the homeless person move to some other location, but I truthfully felt excruciating because it was totally freezing plus the guy clearly did not have anywhere to go. I could have gotten into so much trouble, but I decided to let the person sleep next to the dumpster on our lot. I decided to shut the gate plus lock things up. That put the homeless person on our lot for the rest of the night plus I knew that could have been a pretty horrible complication. I felt genuinely worried plus tense through the night hours because I did not know if the homeless person was going to make a problem for us. The next morning, I got to labor a few minutes early so I could survey the area before unlocking the gate. I did not see the homeless person anywhere in the least. I checked by the dumpster plus all around the store plus the parking lot as well. There is a 10-ft fence that surrounds the perimeter, so I truthfully have no clue in the least how that guy got out on his own. I have to wonder if the guy sleeps in the parking lot every night.


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Some of my good buddies chose to come over to check out the draft

My good buddies plus I made the choice to watch the draft this weekend plus my buddy and I spent the length of the weekend having fun, drinking, plus smoking potent cannabis.

  • I don’t smoke cannabis especially often, but I decided to easily give in to temptation when one of my good buddies brought some top shelf flower that was fabulous looking.

It was certainly the prettiest marijuana flower that I have ever seen in all of my years. I haven’t seen too much flower, but this bud looked like it came from a picture in a book or something like that. The strain was a sativa. The sativa marijuana strain made me feel super relaxed, but I still had plenty of energy. My good buddy and I watched four rounds of the draft plus after that my buddy and I had to find something to eat. I had extreme munchies after smoking the sativa marijuana strain. My good buddy and I ordered a couple of pizzas plus wings from a locale nearby, and while I waited for the food to be delivered to our dwelling, I ate half of a gallon of ice cream that was resting there in the freezer. My good buddies honestly laughed at me as I was standing at the table spooning the ice cream into my mouth, but I felt like I was hungrier than I have ever been in all of my years. I had a reasonable amount of fun with my good buddies this weekend plus seeing the draft was genuinely informative plus incredibly interesting. Some of the teams made trades that I did not guess were a good idea. I guess my buddy and I will see how things easily work when the usual season starts. I absolutely have a reasonable amount of work to do for fantasy football plus my choices this season.

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I was able to get some cartridges for my vape pen

The indica marijuana strain that I purchased is referred to as granddaddy purp

I went to the pot shop near me because I had to find a battery for vape pen cartridges plus I also plan to buy a current cartridge. I had a sativa cartridge referred to as blue dream, but I needed to find an indica. I knew that the pot shop near me carried a good amount of strange types of vaporizer pen cartridges. I found all styles of strange indicas on the afternoon that I went to the pot shop near me. The budtender behind the counter told me about a sale that they were having. If you purchase any two vape pen cartridges, you could actually get a current battery for $1. I was pretty happy when I heard about the sale. I was already planning to buy a battery plus a vape pen cartridge. I actually ended up getting two vape pen cartridges for only $10 more than I would have paid for the vape pen cartridge plus a battery. It was very similar to getting buy one plus get one for free. I was able to acquire myself a sativa marijuana strain called Maui wowie. The Maui Wowie strain was especially fruity plus tasted sort of like pineapple. The indica marijuana strain that I purchased is referred to as granddaddy purp. The Granddaddy Purp cartridge is a lovely gold color plus it tastes basically like having a cup of tea. If you get a really excellent Grand Daddy Purp cartridge or flower, it should taste plus smell like a cup of Earl Gray tea. There are lovely hints of bergamot in the plant terpenes plus that gives this identifiable strain a very pleasing taste plus appeal.



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I decided to wear my last clean shirt to my workplace before the weekend

I have been working all kinds of overtime at the pot shop.

  • Yesterday one employee made the move to quit plus two mornings later three more people left in the middle of their shift.

I didn’t have the option to leave the job at the marijuana dispensary, so I stayed put plus now I am getting a huge amount of hours because the pot shop is short-staffed. This week I was supposed to labor everyday from Monday through Thursday. I was going to take the weekend off but my boss asked me to come into the pot shop for a couple of hours Friday morning. My excellent friend and I have a pretty large sale on Friday morning, and from 8:00 a.m. until noon, everything in the store is 30% off. My good buddy and I even have a couple of buy one plus get one half off specials that are totally attractive to our purchasers. I agreed to labor for a short amount of time. I wore my last clean shirt to labor on Thursday, so I did not have anything except dirty laundry to wear to labor on Friday. I made the move to go to the laundry room downstairs in my building so I could wash some uniform shirts plus a couple of towels plus pants. I was in the laundry room for the course of an hour plus I ran into the girl that is in the place two doors down from me, but she was doing laundry as well plus my buddy and I sat plus talked for quite some time. I also was able to get her number. I never do laundry on a Thursday night to be honest, but this night I was supposed to be in the laundry room at the same time as Jenny.

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Marijuana is a great choice for daytime use

Every one of us have never been a crucial pot smoker though every one of us tried it more than a couple of times when every one of us were young.

We did not find this to be a pleasant experience that was much different from alcohol.

Every one of us would be a person who have a beer once each while however none of us preferred to get drunk anymore than any of us preferred to be stoned. Things change multiple years ago when I had a bad case of insomnia. Every one of us could not get to sleep for multiple afternoons until every one of us collapsed plus were forced to spend a whole night at the local hospital. A nurse treated me and requested that I could sleep more deeply if I tried medical cannabis. Every one of us explained that we have an aversion to being stoned plus she told everyone of us that there were plenty of cannabis products that could help us sleep without producing some type of euphoric feeling. I talked with many experts plus went to a nearby cannabis shop so I could talk with an expert. I told everyone that I was experiencing bad sleeping complications plus there was a huge amount of cannabis products that would easily fit the bill. Some were made from CBD and some were made for thc. To make my long story a little bit shorter, I have been using cannabis gummies and they have been impacting my sleep cycle so I can get a long night of rest.

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I like cannabis now that I am retired

Many people that I know experimented with drugs like cannabis when they were younger but it was not for me.

Every one of us went 50 years or more separate from trying any illegal drugs.

After every one of us retired, we got medical marijuana and were able to go to The Dispensary every day. Every one of us have multiple last year’s to make up for and it was necessary to load up on marijuana plus smoke weed for the very first time. After that, every one of us did not look back plus embraced our brand new life by celebrating very hard. We were treating all of the afternoons exactly like it could be our last. I may have 30 afterwards or 30 years left plus it is important that everyone of us use the time we prefer to do things that we love. Every one of us are very open about the prefer of cannabis plus old plus dear friends seem to worry. Of course they guess what they have seen on TV plus marijuana is going to make a person stupid, slow, plus lazy however, they are very wrong. I regularly use cannabis to play golf while making 18 holes plus it is very unwinding after handball. I have a lot more energy plus I feel alive. We’d absolutely makes me feel like I have a brand new approach to my life and the sativa strains are really nice to give me focus especially when I am out on the links with my friends.
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Cannabis products help me relax and feel calm

On that day, everyone of us learned a ton of information about cannabis products and how it is certainly nice for everyone

I believe that I was ready to get a promotion. I did not know there was going to be a ton of extra toil and everyone of us being a director has a ton more responsibility now. We at least have six more layers of paperwork and an addition of our normal responsibilities. I had a huge pay raise plus I was getting vacation and get away time which made me feel great too. Stress was making me feel awful and it was one of my coworkers that requested I try to relieve my stress. The guy took me to a cannabis shop plus set me up with a bartender tour. The person told me about many of the different types of cannabis. I was still not sure about using cannabis even if it was legal. Most of my life everyone that was an authority tried to tell me that cannabis was dangerous and would lead down a life of addiction. Many of these authorities said whoops or my bad and I wanted to have an open mind when I went to the cannabis shop and was convinced that it would help. On that day, everyone of us learned a ton of information about cannabis products and how it is certainly nice for everyone. The budtender was absolutely patient plus kind plus explained all of the Cannabis products and how they would relax my body separate from affecting my mind. That day I learned a lot plus the whole thing was very informative for a day trip to the shop.
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