I got really high on the new brownies

I just returned from having a weekend with some school friends in addition to I believe that I will need some days to recover.

Since graduating from the high University multiple years ago, I have made lots of efforts to see my old friends at least once or twice throughout the year.

I care to organize parties where all of us can meet in addition to hang out for multiple mornings. There are times when both of us will get a hotel room but normally both of us will option A more secluded location care a modern home that is in the woods or close to the beach. Once both of us are together the Cannabis in addition to booze starts running. Both of us get ridiculous for the whole weekend. I call this weekend a lost time because many times out of more than 9 I come Kevin with a liquid hangover and a weekend that I can barely remember. This time both of us had modern elements mixed in because Jasper decided to bring Edibles that were laced with cannabis in addition to mushrooms. Ellen brought us a rib so we could dab marijuana. I had not dabbed marijuana wax in the past but it delivers a clean in addition to clear headed high. The Edibles were a different story altogether. When you combine psychedelic mushrooms in addition to cannabis, visual hallucinations entirely through you for a loop and might leave you on the ground wondering where you are. That is how well the effect can work.

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I think cannabis should be covered by health insurance

If a job is going to make me pee in a cup and take a drug test before they hire me, then I am not interested.

I won’t stop getting high for a job, not for ANY job! The laws in this country are slowly but steadily changing, so more businesses are doing away with the unnecessary expense of drug testing their applicants.

I work in online marketing, after all, I’m not driving a school bus full of kids, so who cares if I get stoned before work? I would guess that the vast majority of my coworkers all use cannabis on a regular basis, just like I do. We all have to keep quiet, though, because the bosses have been known to throw a surprise drug screening on employees they suspect are smoking cannabis. It’s so weird to me to know that most of the people around me enjoy using cannabis just as much as I do, and yet we can never discuss it. It is all the more strange when you consider that medical cannabis use is legal in this state, and the latest concessions allow property owners to grow a certain number of mariuana plants on their land. I forget what the limit is, but I think that you can grow up to 6 cannabis plants legally! If the government is finally being cooler about cannabis, why are big businesses cracking down on it? If these corporations really wanted to increase productivity they would let medical cannabis be fully covered by medical insurance, and see how much happier the workers were.

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The most killer pot brownies of all time

When your entire plan revolves around getting drunk and stoned, it is not wise to rent an AirBnB that does not allow smoking.

There were six of us renting a cabin by the lake for three days, and our whole plan was to get as wrecked as possible, maybe go swimming, and cook food over a roaring bonfire.

That was all we wanted for the weekend, so when Josh rented us a place that didn’t allow smoking inside, we were all mad at him. It was close to 100 degrees outside, and anyone who smokes cannabis knows that high heat and humidity will kill your buzz before you can enjoy it. Josh decided to rush to the grocery store and get brownie mix, to whip up a huge batch of pot brownies. With enough cannabis in them, the brownies would be ample for getting us stoned all weekend long. But wait, there was an extra treat in the mix, because Janine brought a bag of magic mushrooms, which we dumped into the brownie batter with the ground up cannabis. I will say that they were the worst brownies I’ve ever had, the taste of the mushroom and the cannabis did not pair well with the chocolate. We didn’t eat the pot brownies for their taste, however, we were eating them to blast off to the stratosphere! The magic mushroom actually hit us all first, but then the cannabis came in low and slow and tempered the manic high of the psychedelics. To be honest with you, I don’t remember much after that.



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I plan ahead for trips because of my cannabis use

It does not happen often, but whenever I take a road trip, I get seriously prepared for it.

Back in college we would just pick up and go at a moment’s notice.

We would road trip to the beach for a weekend, or drive to Lake Tahoe just for dinner and drinks. Part of that was being young and carefree, but the larger part of it was not having anything to pack or bring with me! These days I am older, with more responsibilities, so it’s harder to just pick up and go on a road trip. It is never an impromptu affair, it takes planning. For instance – do I have enough cannabis for a prolonged period of time? I don’t like to go more than a few hours without using marijuana in some form or fashion, so I need to have an ample amount of it. I know that according to medical science it is impossible to become addicted to cannabis, but just tell that to my nerves! When I go more than a few hours without smoking marijuana I start to get jittery and nervous, as if I have been pounding cups of coffee all day. My natural setting is “panic” so it takes something calm and soothing like a fat bowl of OG Kush or a couple of cannabis infused gummies to take the edge off. Whenever I plan a trip to go anywhere, I usually rent a car because I don’t want to have to worry about taking a bunch of cannabis products on the airplane in my luggage.

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Medical marijuana really helps with the pain

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic ailment that will eventually make it impossible to walk.

There are times when I have excruciating pain in my body and my muscles.

I use medical marijuana products to help with the pain. There is a chance that I could take an opiate and it would work out better, but marijuana is not something that I am afraid of getting cooked on. I am, however, worried that one day I might develop an addiction to the painkillers. If there is something in my life that I would rather be addicted to, it’s definitely going to be marijuana. I have a prescription from a doctor, but I live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. That means I can access it for much cheaper prices than other people that live in the states where only medical marijuana is legal. Medical marijuana helps with the pain as long as I continue to dose throughout the day. If I don’t use marijuana in the morning, I have pain in the afternoon. If I don’t use marijuana in the evening, I don’t get any sleep at all. I keep a selection of different edibles in my home so I don’t have to medicate with the same product day after day. One of my favorite products is a chocolate candy bar that has almonds and salted caramel. It has a really great flavor and I think that chocolate enhances the effects of the cannabis. Every time I have cannabis and chocolate, I seem to get more pain relief.


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The fight could have been avoided altogether

There are a lot of items listed on the school code of conduct. Some of these items include the dress code, honor code, and the policies regarding violence, weapons, and drugs in the school. Smoking isn’t even permitted on the property at all. A parent got into pretty big trouble when the guy was smoking in his car before he picked up a student. I heard he got a $350 fine from the school administrator but I don’t know if that is true or not. Last week at a football game, I was feeling a bit of anxiety. The way that I deal with my anxiety is by using medical marijuana. I knew that it was probably not a good idea to go to the car to vape, but I felt that my nerves were getting the best of me and the doctor’s advice is usually to medicate when that happens. I sat down in the backseat of the car for a few moments. All of the doors were closed and the windows were up. I vaped from the marijuana pen one or two times. When I started to feel more at ease mentally, I stopped vaping marijuana. I got out of the car and I locked everything up. There was a guy walking behind me at the time. He grabbed the back of my shirt and I turned around very quickly. I think he thought that I was a kid. When he saw that I was an adult, he decided to give me a lecture on the dangers of marijuana. I quickly informed the other parent that I was a grown up capable of making my decisions.


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Some days are harder than others at work

I was so happy when I got the job working at the marijuana shop.

I applied for 6 months before someone finally interviewed me for a position.

I thought that I was pretty lucky when I finally got an interview. I woke up bright and early on that day and took a shower. I was ready and prepped with questions for the interview. The manager called me a couple of days later and offered me a position working as a marijuana delivery driver. I was bummed out when I had to say no. I didn’t have a car that was capable of making deliveries every day. I thought I was done but the manager then offered me a position inside of the building. I started working part time and eventually I picked up more hours. I currently work around 40 or 45 hours every week. I don’t mind getting overtime. It’s nice to be able to pay all of my bills. One thing that I like about my boss is that she is always fair and flexible with the schedule. When I need a day off she has always been there to say yes. She is just as nice to the other employees that work at the marijuana dispensary. A couple of weeks ago that manager ended up giving three people the same week off and all three were daytime shift employees. She couldn’t say no after approving all of the vacation time, so we were totally stuck having to deal with the missing personnel. I wanted to quit my job for the first time ever. I was ready to walk out of the building and leave. We were severely understaffed throughout that entire week.
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