My friend stopped by the medical cannabis dispensary

After a long 6 hour road trip, I was ecstatic to be almost home, but my friend plus I just got back from an amazing trip, plus as anxious as both of us were to leave, it was time to go home! The 6 hour long drive back was brutal, especially since both of us had nothing to look forward to this time; All of us were almost lake home when our friend decided to make a stop at the medical cannabis dispensary, however i asked her why she stopped at the medical cannabis store, plus she told myself and others she just wanted to look at a few things.

  • This was slightly aggravating to me, plus even though she said she was only going to look at a few things, I ended up waiting in the car for close to 30 hours.

I was about ready to head into the medical marijuana store myself when she finally came back out, however she didn’t even buy anything, which I found to be even more aggravating. I asked her why she bothered stopping at the medical pot store near myself and others if she didn’t buy anything. She told myself and others she wanted to see if their prices had changed yet, as she was expecting a sale of some kind. I told her she should just use their weed delivery services, plus it would save her the time. She really didn’t assume they offered weed delivery near me, however even when she found out, she liked the plan of being at the locale physically. I couldn’t assume this myself, because I absolutely loved the weed delivery services, however but it didn’t matter, the main thing that mattered was getting back home.
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Hemp joints are fun for relaxing barbecues in the backyard

My parents hosted weekly barbecues in our backyard during the Summer season.

  • We not only invited family members, however also the families on the entire block.

Our cabin was in a village with a dozen other families so our siblings and I never had trouble maintaining active friendships. The barbecues were a time of rejoicing our sense of community as the people I was with and I would spend hours socializing and enjoying the delicious food. I met a lot of our best friends of all time at these village parties, and they make up some of our fondest memories as well. When I started thinking about buying a lake house of our own after getting out of university, I knew I had a number of years to method before I could make this dream of reality. Still, I was sure that I wanted a family of our own in a village with other families and a genuine sense of community. I was determined to get back to backyard barbecues, even if on a much smaller scale than what the people I was with and I had back when our parents were still young and our siblings and I hadn’t moved out of the lake house yet. I finally have a lake house of our own; while I might not have a family yet, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy backyard barbecues with our friends. We all buy hemp flower products and roll the dried flower buds into CBD joints that the people I was with and I smoke during the evening. The hemp joints are drastically relaxing on the body and mind. While they’re not as fun as traditional cannabis, the hemp flower buds are wonderful for people who are light weights with THC and can’t handle the psychological side effects from that cannabinoid.



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Edibles are available in a few different strengths

Marijuana can be made into smokeable flower, concentrates, inhalants, tinctures, and edibles.

Edible marijuana candies and drops come in a few different strengths. Edible marijuana candies and drops come in 5, 10, and 20 mg strengths. I have even seen a couple candies that have 50 mg. The recommended dosage is still 10, but the single dose candy has 50 mg of thc. When I visited a recreational marijuana state, I went to a dispensary that had a lot of different edibles. I found chocolate that was infused with marijuana and even popcorn that had marijuana. The dispensary had several different types of gummies and hard candies. There were a lot of options and I picked out a couple of different gummies and candies to try while I was on vacation. One of my favorite items was a sour blueberry gummy that had 20 mg of thc. The flavor of the gummy was the best of all the items that I tried. I thought it would be cool to bring some items back in my suitcase. I decided to go with edibles, because I thought they would be less traceable. I brought some friends a couple of the 50 mg candies. We had a party and I gave out the candies. I warned the guys not to take too much. Of course, no one listened to my advice. Both of my friends ate the entire 50 mg dose of thc. After about an hour, the guys were ready to fall asleep and that was the end of the party. I was sitting up half the night while they were passed out on the couch.


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The bottom of the glass jar wasn't smooth like I expected

I purchase a lot of different marijuana concentrates from the dispensary.

  • Marijuana concentrates are made from the cannabis sativa plant.

Concentrates are made by using intense heat or pressure to form an oily or waxy substance. Cannabis concentrates include crumble, batter, hash, and live resin. Most of the Cannabis concentrates that I purchase come in a glass container. Usually the bottom of the container is smooth, but the last time I bought a glass jar, the bottom was not smooth like I expected. It was weird, so I took a picture of the container and I put it on my Instagram page. I got a lot of responses from people that had containers that looked similar. I had responses from the dispensary, because I tagged them in the post. The dispensary wanted me to bring the container to them so they could send it back to the manufacturer. My post was seen almost 10,000 times and it was the most viewed post that I had all month. It made me think that I should start posting more about marijuana online. The following week I decided to make a post about the different types of concentrates that are available from the marijuana dispensary near me. As soon as I posted the link, I got a bunch of responses from people that wanted me to send them cannabis concentrates. I had to send out an additional post telling everyone that concentrates and cannabis products are only available at a dispensary near you. I couldn’t believe how many people openly posted offers to send me money.


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The car broke down on the side of the road

I was on my way home from a basketball game, when my car broke down.

Everything shut off at the same time and the car suddenly stopped.

I lost all of my power steering and brakes. I was lucky to safely return to the other side of the road. I was on an embankment and I didn’t really have any room to put the car. I put on my four-way flashers and I opened up the hood. It was already dark outside, so I had to use the flashlight on my phone. I couldn’t see any reason why the battery would not work, so I tried to toggle the battery connectors. I tried to start my car again, but nothing happened. I had 23% battery on my phone, so I quickly called my car insurance carrier, because I needed to get a tow truck out there to take my car to the dealership. I sat on hold for almost 15 minutes and the battery on my phone continued to get lower and lower. I had no way to charge the phone since the car battery was dead. I was stressed out and aggravated that the car broke down. Thankfully I had some recreational marijuana and the glove compartment. I only had a bowl and a couple of dried marijuana flowers, but it was enough to get high and feel relaxed and more calm. I waited about 2 hours for the tow truck driver to arrive. I was in the middle of nowhere, so the two hour wait didn’t surprise me. The recreational marijuana products definitely helped make the long wait easier to take.


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The dog scared me and caught me off guard

A lot of people have dogs, but I am not the type of person that likes to have pets in their home.

I am allergic to dogs and cats and I was bitten by a dog when I was a small child.

The dog was walking down the street with his owner. The dog was on a leash, but the owner did not have full control of the dog. The dog lunged away from the owner and bit my leg. I had to go to the hospital and have several stitches. Ever since then, I have been fearful and I do my best to stay away from situations where I might be with an unfamiliar dog. When I make deliveries to marijuana customers, I always make sure to tell the customers that they will have to meet me outside. I do not go into any customers’ homes to deliver marijuana. A couple of weeks ago though, I had a customer that was disabled and I had to walk up to the front door. The customer did not tell me that she had a dog. When the customer opened the door, the dog started barking and growling. I dropped the bag on the ground and I stepped back quickly. One of the jars of concentrate broke inside of the bag. The customer was upset about the damage, and I told her that I would return to the store and pick up a different gram of cannabis concentrate. I asked the woman to put her dog away next time or meet me at the front door.

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I’m going to use the cannabutter to make cookies

I have a completely and totally amazing recipe for butter for bread cookies.

I’ve been wanting to make marijuana edibles out of the cookie for a while.

I found some cannabutter sticks at the dispensary this week and I plan to use them to make the cookie recipe. I’m going to make some cookies that are just plain shortbread and I am going to make some that taste like almonds with pecans that are crushed up into tiny, little pieces. I also plan to use the sticks of cannabutter to bake pot brownies. Pot brownies are always a hit with my friends and family and the end of the month will be thanksgiving. I think that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce a big batch of pot brownies. We can have pot brownies in the morning and we will be starving and hungry by the time that the turkey is done. We will be able to get a nice nap in before we start all of our Black Friday and holiday shopping. This year the marijuana dispensary is even having a Black Friday special. All of the cannabis products will be 20% off all day. I’m going to stop by the cannabis dispensary after I finish up with the mall and the superstore. I really need to make sure that I get all of the things that I need from those places before I worry about recreational or medical marijuana supplies. I want to find the games my son wants for his Xbox and my daughter wants a robot pony from the tech shop. I have a whole list of items to gather that day.

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