I kicked back on the hood of the car and watched the planes

I get stressed out a lot when it is time for midterms and finals.

I am in my third year of college now, and I have a pretty nice system for relaxing and getting rid of stress. When it’s time for finals, I go to the recreational marijuana shop and pick up some edibles or marijuana joints. Edibles are a great way to have long-lasting relief all day, but marijuana joints are fast acting and hit you hard. My favorite way to enjoy a marijuana joint is to go out to the airport. There is a place near the runway where you can sit in your car and watch the planes go by. When I have a lot of stress, I drive my car out to the airport and sit on top of the hood while I watch the planes go by. I was out by the airport last week and another car pulled up in the spot next to me. I didn’t know the woman driving the car, but she got out of her vehicle and got on the hood just like me. I looked over at her and I smiled and she smiled back. I started smoking my marijuana joint again and she asked me if I had some to share. I asked her if she wanted to come over and sit on the hood with me. I was surprised that she decided to join me, but she got off of her car and walked over to mine. We shared the marijuana joint that I had purchased from the dispensary earlier that day. It was a really nice infused marijuana joint with terpenes, live resin, bubble hash, and top shelf flower.

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