Karma can happen at the right time

The two of us felt very strongly like the two of us were doing quite a public service

The two of us did some things that were typical like a drug dealer as well as the two of us saw that people would think that maybe we weren’t the best for doing these things. The two of us do not regret any of our decisions. This was earlier during the pandemic multiple years ago as well as people were scared a lot by the quarantine. My shop was closed down for multiple weeks and I was easily struggling. The two of us knew several shoppers that were also struggling with physical as well as mental addictions. The two of us are at the local marijuana shop working as a manager and that means taking interest in my shoppers as well as their health problems. The two of us decided to contact some old as well as sick patients to check up as well as I found out that they were in need of marijuana supplies. The two of us said we would open up the shop as well as delivery supplies directly to the people. Of course we were going to charge a little bit of a fee, but it wasn’t much at all. We generated some income as well as many elderly folks ended up with the marijuana products the two of us could give them. The two of us felt very strongly like the two of us were doing quite a public service. The two of us took medical marijuana products to cancer patients all over as well as little outdated men that had glaucoma. I feel proud of my service.

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I am one of a lucky and select few

Most of the people that I know are not able to use marijuana products at work as well as this can be proven to be a good thing.

There are easily very pressing as well as delicate occupations as well as many people need to be disinfect as well as sober for the job to be done respectfully.

The two of us know bus drivers, cops, as well as healthcare workers should never be doing marijuana at the job. It would put a number of people in a grave amount of danger. Those are people that easily should say focused while working. There are some task people that can do jobs when they are influenced by canvas like employees that work at places such as target, walmart, or the local shopping mall. These workers can be stoned all afternoon on cannabis as well as it does not make much changing. The two of us work in a used library as well as use smoking marijuana as well as have it and it doesn’t matter much at all. The two of us stack as well as see numbers of outdated books while stoned as though I am sober. Marijuana also seems to make the two of us a lot more personable because the two of us are not really the type of people that would go out of our way to make some changes. My bosses are easily aware that the two of us smoke cannabis as well as they don’t seem to care because I am not performing rocket science as well as brain surgery.



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Marijuana products can be plentiful in states with laws

The two of us have tried to find a coping mechanism that would help us deal with awful stuff in our life. The two of us were young as well as struggled with stress as well as tons of anxiety as well as eventually it led to depression. My kids weren’t stressful as well as my task was as well as I found that the two of us had to spend money all of the time. The two of us had to work in an office which was crushing us day by day. The only time we were happy was when we could spend evening time with the family. My wifey recommended that the two of us go to a marijuana dispensary as well as consult with a bartender. The two of us did not have an idea at the time however the two of us could set up an appointment with a local person and get a whole tour over the marijuana shop as well as a full explanation of each product. It was a life-changing moment for the two of us as well as I was grateful for my wife to suggest things. Now the two of us have quite a supply of marijuana at home as well as products that help us get through the day as well as unwind at evening. Since the two of us can’t go to office reeking like a marijuana factory, the two of us also decided to get some gummies that are much easier and discreet to use.


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The wild and wonderful world of weed

I was a late bloomer when it came to cannabis.

In high school I was a straight edge, and never messed around with smoking or drinking at all. When I got to college I was quickly seduced by the wild nightlife, at which point I started smoking and drinking to excess. That lasted until I flunked out of school and had to get a banal job in an office. I don’t drink very much these days, I quit smoking tobacco, and I only do hard drugs on special occasions. However, the older I get the more of an appreciation I have for cannabis. This truly is a wonder drug, a plant with medicinal properties that also expands the mind’s eye and offers a host of mental health advantages. Cannabis changed my life for the better. Some people don’t like the feeling of being stoned, and so they avoid using any form of cannabis, much to their detriment. There are actually hundreds of amazing cannabis products that have no psychoactive properties, and won’t make you feel high at all. Some of these products are also smokeless, so you can have an edible or a gummy that has CBD oil instead of THC in it. I never use any of these cannabis products, because I love getting stoned, but I appreciate the fact they exist. The wide and wonderful world of weed has something for everyone, so I suggest you visit your local cannabis dispensary and see what they have to offer. Just ask one of the budtenders, and I guarantee they will want to help you.

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Cannabis coffee? I didn’t know it existed!

My office has the worst coffee.

  • The bosses are required by law to have a break room, but they don’t offer much extra.

There is a coffee machine, and the bosses provide filters, sugar packets, and generic ground coffee. It doesn’t taste very good but it’s free, so that’s what everyone drinks. Recently, there was a fresh scent in the air, and I realized that someone in these cubicles had started bringing in fancy coffee. I followed my nose back to Brenda, in accounting, who confided in me that she was making cannabis infused coffee at home before coming to work. It was a new product at the cannabis dispensary, a Columbian ground dark roast coffee infused with THC and CBD. Brenda was comfortable with telling me this because she knew I was a regular cannabis user. We had discussed it several times in the past. She bribed me, and brought me a mug of cannabis coffee the next day on the condition that it be our little secret. I promised to never tell anyone. This was an easy promise to make, because I have a big crush on Brenda. Not only is she cool with cannabis, but she is funny and has amazing thighs. The cannabis coffee just brings me one step closer to shooting my shot and asking her out. By the way, the cannabis infused coffee was delightful, and got me really stoned for the entire morning in the office. No wonder Brenda is always so cheerful at work, this cannabis coffee packs a mighty powerful punch.

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Fun ways to smoke marijuana

Variety is the spice of life, the saying goes.

This is absolutely true, because doing the same thing, the same way, for too long takes all the joy out of it.

I don’t believe I will ever get bored with smoking weed and getting stoned, but just to be safe I like to mix it up and try new things sometimes. As much as I love to roll a joint, I do get tired of joints sometimes. I have a lovely glass pipe I rely on for smoking weed in the car, but that gets a little boring sometimes, too. This is why I have developed a bunch of fun ways to smoke cannabis, to keep it fresh and interesting for myself. Smoking cannabis is about relaxing and having fun, so if I don’t make it fun, then what’s the point? One thing I like to do with lower-quality strains of cannabis is to use a gravity bong in the kitchen sink. This provides the maximum impact for low-tier marijuana, and guarantees a wicked high. Another fun way to smoke cannabis is using butter knives heated on a hot plate or a stove. This is basically a ghetto version of a vaporizer, and smashing a little nug of cannabis between two red-hot knives is a fun and powerful way of smoking out. Once I made a six-foot bong out of PVC pipes and brass fittings, and that was a big hit at parties, because everyone had a blast taking cannabis rips from such a huge contraption. But it’s too big to smoke by myself!
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His wife hid his cannabis from him

She never gave all the marijuana to Jeff, though, just one little bud at a time

I want to share a story with you that has a very valuable lesson. It is about my best friend Jeff and his wife Becky. I have known Jeff for over 20 years, since before either one of us got married or had children. All that time, Jeff and I have both been rabid potheads. We smoke every single day, no matter what. We live in different states now, and only see each other a few times a year, but remain as close as ever. There was a time when Jeff ran out of cannabis, and had no way of getting any for another week. His wife Becky magically produces a big, fat cannabis bud and gives it to him. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to get high for a day or two. It turns out that whenever Jeff got a fresh bag of cannabis, Becky would steal a bud or two from it. Jeff never noticed that any was missing, and Becky would hide that extra cannabis in a secret spot. Then when Jeff was out of cannabis she had a little treat to tide him over. Brilliant, right? It turns out Becky had been doing this for a few months, and had several grams of cannabis tucked away. She never gave all the marijuana to Jeff, though, just one little bud at a time. Since I learned about this trick, which I call “The Becky” I have asked my wife to hide a little bit of cannabis from me, just in case. It’s good to know there is an emergency supply of cannabis hidden somewhere.


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