I consumed cannabis edibles before going to the concert last night

I had to quit going to concerts during the pandemic because there weren’t any being held in my area.

The venues in my city either closed entirely or had to remain until the lockdowns were lifted.

While the risk of viral transmission remains, the numbers look a lot better than they did 18 months ago. I hate it when I hear about deaths in friends’ families or circles of acquaintances, especially happening this late into the pandemic. I pray that I still don’t develop the condition, but who knows with so many people catching it in this area. That’s why I keep wearing my mask whenever I’m in public. I quit going to concerts altogether in 2020 when I was particularly worried about catching the illness, but now I feel confident going to a concert with a mask on my face, despite the number of people present. In fact, I went to an amazing concert just last night and consumed 100mg of THC in cannabis edibles before I left my apartment. By the time I got to the concert hall, I was just starting to feel the initial effects of the THC kicking in. When the concert finally started, the cannabis edibles I purchased from the medical cannabis dispensary were finally peaking in their effects and I was feeling amazing. It would have been a great concert without the THC in my bloodstream, but I’m still happy that I consumed the cannabis edibles. I had a phenomenal time last night and I hope I can go to another concert if I can in the short term future, but that’s assuming a band I like is playing a show anytime soon in the city.


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I was pulled over by the police and showed them my medical marijuana card

I hate getting pulled over by the police, regardless of the reason.

The first time it happened I was 16 driving my mother’s car to the grocery store and a state trooper flashed his lights in my rearview mirror.

However, I wasn’t speeding and hadn’t committed any traffic violations that I could think of, leaving me worried and anxious from the outset. He told me that my mother’s tags were expired by a month and needed to be updated at the DMV immediately. Thankfully I was given a simple warning and was told to take the registration with me to the DMV and get the new tags put on as soon as possible. The next time I got pulled over by the police it was the result of a headlight that went out without me realizing it. At first I thought I must have been speeding, but the kind police officer only mentioned the light, nothing else. Recently I was pulled over because I rolled a stop sign on accident, but I knew things were going in the wrong direction when he told me to get out of the car. I had just left the cannabis dispensary and assumed that he had smelled them when he walked up to the window. When he asked me why I had cannabis, I calmly showed him my medical marijuana card. Despite calling for backup, the second cop confirmed that my card was legitimate and told me that I could go. It was a frustrating experience to say the least, but I’m happy I got out of it without having my products confiscated. I have read about rare cases in certain municipalities where the local government is extremely anti-weed and the cops will go out of their way to make life difficult for medical cannabis patients.


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Medical marijuana products must be in opaque white packaging in this state

Despite living in a “conservative” state, we have a government here that loves to impose strange rules and laws to further their own ideological aims.

They’re happy to ban vape pens and abortions even if more than half of the state is against both of those measures. My home state is different because of the political diversity there in the state government. The governor’s office will vary from party to party during successive elections because the state is truly purple in every sense of the word. I wish I could move back, but for now I’m stuck to this location until my parents move or pass away. It’s not the worst thing in the world, especially since there’s some form of medical marijuana here and that’s better than nothing. Even if the state government is so strict with their rules that they require all cannabis products to be sold in opaque white packaging with no colorful logos or images on the outside. It’s disappointing to see the medical cannabis industry in this state compared to so many others. On the one hand, things might change eventually. If the state government turned over to new hands, who knows what would happen with the strict rules governing and regulating medical cannabis in this state. I just wish I could see the terpene levels of each product before I buy them, as I’m not as focused on THC as I am with terpenes. Unfortunately, the state barred companies from doing that, so I have to find that information on the lab reports for each product.
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I use cannabis throughout the day to help with working and staying focused

I have a busy work schedule throughout the day.

  • I wake up at 7am so I can shower, meditate, and eat my breakfast while slowly sipping my first cup of coffee.

Typically I get started working at my computer around 9am and will stay glued to my computer for three hours until I take a quick lunch break at 12pm. Once I finish eating, I’m back at my computer working until 5pm with almost no break of any kind. By the time I’m back in my seat to work for the afternoon, I’m usually on my second or third cup of coffee. Unfortunately, coffee only manages my fatigue and keeps me focused. It’s not great at keeping my stress down or at relieving my work related anxiety. In fact, consuming so much coffee increases my stress at work and sometimes will hinder my ability to simply get my work down like I need to. The thing that really helps me the most is cannabis, particularly sativa strains that are energizing and help me stay focused and motivated. If I purchase the right sativa, it will relieve my anxiety as well. That’s a big reason I love that I get to work from home because I can easily medicate with my sativa strains of cannabis while working at my desk. As long as I don’t use too much THC, I can manage my stress levels really easily throughout the length of the day. Between the cannabis and the coffee, I end up working at a faster rate than I would with either of them present in my life.
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It's important to trust the professionals

I am a believer that we should firmly trust professionals.

  • Not all people are top out for each job in the area.

Why would you own a heating and AC repair business and hire people that have zero knowledge in that field of expertise? Why would you design a study room if there are people that don’t know what to look for or the downsides that need to be avoided? When I see regular advertisements on cable platforms I realize that people make websites of their own and that makes me grown. Not all people are chop out for building fantastic web pages and it’s important to be technology savvy. It’s not the same as making a PowerPoint presentation. Websites have to have much more detail with particular colors and targets that need to be avoided. There are fonts that do not detract away from attention and there are locations in which our eyes will go that do not make us turn away. It’s important for the web design Master to have the skills, knowledge, and also schooling to know and complete the work. It is easily also artistic because not all people can sculpt, paint, or build a Charming web design. I look for something edgy, modern, and deliberate that will easily appeal to all of the people. This is one real reason why it is imperative to hire a search engine optimization dealer when dealing with web design and the internet. The person that can handle this type of job will be the person needs to get the job done.


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I handled the website on my own

I’m pretty dumb about technology and I easily have a strenuous time even just emailing business associates. When a person wants a picture or a pdf, I have trouble. I last time opened up a cannabis dispensary and I knew that I was not going to be able to take care of my website. I thought that a local kid would be able to slap together a pretty nice design. Thankfully I easily hired a designer particularly interested in cannabis dispensaries. The woman was so easily fantastic and made the website look exactly what I wanted. I felt it was important to offer online ordering as well as curbside pickup. I also offered cannabis delivery as an everyday option. I had things set up on my end and I could not make a website without running into a couple of problems. The advertising marketing person got me a twitter, google, and Facebook dealer listing. She also posts to all of the social media platforms throughout the week and makes official website swings. The website is pretty with colors that are mint green in addition to orange, brown, and gray. The pictures are very good looking and we have several pages of information. I know that all of us would not be able to make the Cannabis web design even if we had a lot of time. It was much easier to hire a search engine marketing team to help me with the website and all of the pictures and the website content. I was thankful for the SEO help.


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I got 99 reasons to be happy this week

I have been working at the grocery store for a whole year.

I had my anniversary day celebration last week.

My boss threw a party and everyone enjoyed cake. I got a gift card from my boss. The $100 gift card is good to use at any place at all. I immediately thought about using the gift card at the marijuana delivery service. I planned to order from the marijuana delivery service already that evening. It was payday and I needed to stock up on cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are one of my favorite products from the marijuana dispensary. Concentrates are an ultra potent form of marijuana. Sometimes the products are found in the form of shatter, badder, live resin and sauce, and even diamonds. The diamonds tend to be some of the more expensive products like live rosin and jam. I went to the website for the marijuana delivery service after work was over. That’s when I saw that they were having a sale. I just happened to catch the dispensary at the right time. I ordered everything that looked good and I used the gift card that I received from my boss to pay for the order. I felt a little sneaky and tricky about using a gift card from the grocery store to pay for cannabis, but it was a bonus and I could spend it anyway that I wanted. I ended up getting 5 grams of cannabis concentrate for less than $100 after the sale. I used my gift card to buy an ounce of Blue Dream top shelf flower. The strain had 37.7% thc. It was definitely one of the highest THC strains of blue dream that I had ever seen.

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