I’m totally baffled by the construction plus closed roads

There is construction going on everywhere in the city.

The bridge has only had two lanes instead of four since the middle of February.

There are multiple new villages being built as well, plus that has a couple of the major roads closed down. I was trying to make marijuana deliveries on Sunday plus I genuinely got lost. I have been living in the town for 10 years plus I found myself asking someone for directions. I got lost heading out to the south side of town. There are a couple of new developments plus people are already living in some of the houses. When I saw the address was not on the maps application, I figured it had to be down south plus one of the new villages. I drove down to the entrance plus found the last named road on the map app. I drove around in circles looking for the house. I finally contacted the client that ordered the marijuana products. She knew exactly where I was plus she told me how to get to her address! Before I left the area, I asked the lady for great directions to get me back to the main road. I was afraid that I was going to get lost again. I made it back to the main highway thankfully. I knew how to get back to the marijuana delivery shop once I was away from that brand new neighborhood plus crazy construction area. I have to be honest. That was the first time in a long time that I have felt totally plus completely aggravated enough to cry.

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