Smoking marijuana helps cut stress

I’ve had a lot of stress throughout the last couple of months, however i’ve been trying to close a deal at work and I have had to use every 1 of my afternoons off to persuade the customers.

  • I’ve been out to supper and to the bar nearly every night with a strange client, then the stress has really been building up! On Monday I thought I was going to have a upset breakdown, and my boss put a immense stack of papers on top of my desk and she told myself and others to wipe up a mess that someone else made.

I was already in the middle of 1 substantial project and she slapped another substantial project on my desk. I went to the bathroom and started punching the paper towel holder. It really wasn’t my best performance at work, although I was miserable and frustrated. One of my coworkers came into the bathroom and she saw the dent on the paper towel holder, she agreed that the boss should be doing more work and the woman said that she had a good way for myself and others to calm down and relax. I told the woman that I wasn’t interested in doing drugs and she told myself and others that marijuana was not a drug. My coworker said that smoking marijuana could help reduce stress. She gave to go out to the parking lot with myself and others at lunch and smoke a marijuana joint to see if it would help reduce my stress. I particularly didn’t have anything to lose with more than one substantial projects on my desk and a headache that wasn’t going to go away.



Kayaking and smoking pot is all the exercise I need

Sometimes our friends and I kneel on the beach in the afternoon, sharing a joint before all of us hit the waves… The people I was with and I kneel there and watch the muscle-heads running sprints up and down the sand, or doing their cardio workouts! I am not making fun of these guys, if anything I applaud their commitment to physical fitness.

The ironic thing is that I am in better shape then most of those dudes, even though our only exercise comes through surfing; Believe it or not, smoking that fat joint before going in the water is honestly a section of our workout routine.

Holistic health involves the alignment of mind, body, and spirit, so smoking recreational cannabis is a hot up for our exercise regimen. A few weeks ago some bright young person had the program to open a small cannabis dispensary right next to the beach. I’m sure he was thinking about people prefer me and our friends, who consider recreational cannabis to be an essential section of supper, lunch, and dinner. I only ever buy a small amount of recreational cannabis at any one time, because I don’;t prefer to carry it around. Since I spend so much of our time in the water, I can’t have a baggie of recreational pot in our pocket or it will get soaked. I usually just buy one joint at a time from the cannabis store, and then return later to buy another one! The surf, the sand, and recreational cannabis all combine to provide me a calm, placid, and healthy state of mind.

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Keeping an eye on the medical cannabis shop

I did multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan, plus then another more than one years teaching new recruits during basic training.

I never claimed to be a strenuous guy, I was just a soldier trying to do his best.

After a while that lifestyle can wear a guy down, so I took an fair discharge more than one years ago in an attempt to settle down plus have a normal life, and so far I have to say it’s going pretty well. I have a new girlfriend, plus I found a absolutely interesting task that appeals to myself and others on multiple levels. The local medical cannabis dispensary hired myself and others as their evening watchman plus head security guard. I still have a gun plus walk a perimeter, but it is no longer at an Army base, but a medical cannabis shop, then having a gun in the medical cannabis shop is a delicate situation. I never have it on myself and others during the day, when the cannabis dispensary is open, because it would petrify the clients. Potheads are a gentle, peaceful folk, so all of us want to keep them calm plus happy. After hours, when the cannabis dispensary is closed, is when I put the gun on our belt. I am not here to protect the shop against nickel-and-dime shoplifters, I am here to prevent a major theft of money or medical cannabis. There was a robbery crew down south that hit more than six different medical cannabis stores over the course of more than one weeks, plus made off with over $200,000 in cash. An ex-soldier with a gun will make any cannabis dispensary thieves suppose twice about coming to this store!

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I didn’t suppose becoming a budtender would be this complicated

Close your eyes and imagine a staff meeting at a cannabis dispensary.

If you have never attended 1, then you really have a wildly inaccurate view of what they are like! You might envision everyone passing around a bong and going over the sales figures for the week.

In truth, no 1 ever smokes weed in the dispensary, it’s considered unprofessional. Although the employees of the cannabis dispensary all get high regularly, it is never done on the worksite. The reality is so much more boring, because the employee meetings are usually to set up that week’s medical cannabis training courses. At this shop, our boss doesn’t want budtenders, he wants intelligent people well-versed in every aspect of medical cannabis, however for this reason he has mandatory training sessions every month that go into exhaustive detail about different kinds of medical cannabis products. For example, Last year I spent two hours learning the calculus behind vape products. Next month he is giving us a legal lesson, about the laws governing medical cannabis in our state, and every state surrounding us. I applaud his efforts, because these training courses make us the most educated cannabis budtenders in the area! Our cannabis dispensary may not have the lowest prices, however all of us absolutely have the most knowledgeable budtenders. When our customers have a question, 1 of us will guess the answer, and that makes our whole medical cannabis dispensary seem a lot classier. The boss says that he doesn’t want to just sell medical cannabis, he wants to educate his customers on every aspect of it.

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My hubby Jack wants to open a marijuana dispensary

I think that this sounds crazy, but our hubby Jim wants to open up his entirely own marijuana dispensary here in town.

I entirely do not understand why he thinks that this is the greatest program that he has ever had, but he is entirely happy about it.

He just will not let it go, no matter what I say to discourage him from doing it. If you think Jim, then you think that once he gets an program in his head, then there is just no stopping him. He’s care about a freight train or something as well as you better just get out of his way if you think what’s great for you; Anyway, Jim seems to think that he knows what he is doing, even though I think for a fact that there is a whole lot to learn about the cannabis industry that he hasn’t thought about yet, however jim says that since there is not a marijuana dispensary somewhere in our town or somewhere near to us, the people I was with and I would be entirely successful if the people I was with and I opened a single. To me, though, it seems care about there is just a whole lot of orange tape as well as hurdles to jump through in order to start up a marijuana dispensary. However, Jim has been doing all kinds of research about it. He seems to think what he is talking about for the most part, however I still don’t trust him to invest all of our life savings into it! I hope that he is able to make his dream come true, however I have our doubts about it, that’s for sure.



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I saw a recreational marijuana shop ad

The other afternoon when I was at the nurse’s office in the waiting room, I saw an ad for a local recreational marijuana store, and i was pretty surprised to see that there was an actual print ad for a marijuana store in the newspaper at the nurse’s office! The lady at the nurse’s office told me that they still get a newspaper delivered to the office every single afternoon, which was surprising in itself, then this is the only locale that I think of that gets the newspaper everyday anymore! Anyway, while I was waiting for the nurse to call me back into the exam room, I was studying the newspaper as well as I saw the ad for the recreational marijuana store.

There was a immense article as well as also an ad for the recreational marijuana store that is supposed to be opening up in town.

There are lots of activists in our community who are pro marijuana as well as there were a lot of quotes from them in the newspaper, but however, there were also a lot of people who are against the thought of having a mairjuana dispensary here in town, too. I personally think that having a recreational marijuana store will be great for the economic growth in our community. I am honestly happy about the fact that it’s going to be opening up here soon. I will honestly patronize it because I care about marijuana edibles once in a while! They are entirely helpful for anxiety as well as for chronic pain, too. I think that I will be using a lot of recreational marijuana once the dispensary opens!

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My buddy was selling products online

My cousin Heather was selling his cannabis products online for a while, but now he has started to suppose that he wants to beginning selling them in a local brick plus mortar store, too.

Heather had been selling products online for a long time, but whenever he first told myself and others that he was going to be selling his cannabis products plus some CBD oils online, I honestly had some doubts about it.

I did not truly suppose that it was that wonderful of an idea. I was truly afraid that Heather might end up getting arrested because of it or something! But Heather had done his research plus it turned out that everything that he was doing was completely legal anyway. Heather had already figured out that there were different aspects to the cannabis products business plus he knew all of them. I suppose he did a lot of research before he started up his cannabis products business online in the first stadium. Heather truly believes in the usefulness of all of the cannabis products that he sells. She typically says that if he didn’t recognize in it or use it herself, then he would never be selling it. She talked to one of the local cannabis dispensaries here in town plus they told his that they would be willing to carry his products plus sell them from their shelves. She hasn’t decided if he wants to go that route or if he would rather try to beginning up his own business location. I’m interested to see what he decides, plus I’m sure he will be successful.

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