I hid my marijuana gummies from my brother.

My brother was only thirteen, but I found out he was using marijuana.

I wouldn’t have known if some of my medical marijuana hadn’t been coming up missing.

I knew how much I had and I made sure I made it last for an entire month. Suddenly, my medical marijuana was coming up short, and I had to find out who was using it. It devastated me to realize it was my little brother who was stealing my medical marijuana. I caught him in the act, and he tried to tell me he wasn’t looking for the marijuana. When I asked him how he knew what I was going to ask, he broke down. He admitted that he and his friends had been experimenting with marijuana. Since I got medical marijuana, he didn’t think I would notice if he took a little here or there. I couldn’t say anything. I told him that if he ever came into my room again, or touched marijuana again, I was going right to dad if he ever touched my medical marijuana again. He promised he would never touch it again, but I had an odd feeling that my threat would not stop him. I ended up hiding my medical marijuana from my brother. When I made gummies, I had to put them away in a drawer. I would like to think my brother would never use marijuana again, but I had a feeling it would not happen. I didn’t know how long he had been using marijuana and stealing to get it. It must have been a long time, but I wouldn’t make it easy for him to get to my medical marijuana to feed his habit.

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