Rediscovering healthy appetite with medical marijuana

While I have never dealt with full on bulimia or anorexia, I’ve definitely been dealing with an eating disorder.

And with the help I get at the cannabis dispensary, I’m relearning how to accept and embrace an appetite.

Prior to getting some help from qualified professionals and the legal weed store, I was not in a healthy space when it came to eating. In fact, I viewed my appetite as unwelcome and almost like the enemy. It was my appetite that caused me so much pain because I didn’t have a similar shape to my peers. So that led to a very dysfunctional relationship with food. It finally got to the point where my health and well being was on the line. That’s when I knew I had to reach out to get some help with my eating disorder. Thankfully, I went to the exact right place. But it didn’t come without some effort on my part. First, before I could get better I had to accept that I had a problem. And once I was able to do that, I needed to get in the right hands with the right professionals in order to deal with that problem. Part of my therapy is also centered on medical marijuana. My therapist helped me learn how to get a medical marijuana card so I can access the legal weed store. These days, I’m learning how to accept and welcome my appetite. But now, I see food more as fuel and away to make myself better through nutrients and vitamins. That was never a part of the program at any other time in my life. Bottom line though, I would not be healing and getting better if I didn’t have access to a cannabis dispensary.

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