I gave the guy twenty bucks to go inside for me

He was gave $20 to buy a $10 package of marijuana from inside of the store

I have regularly been a genuinely small woman, a lot of people confuse me for a little girl or a little boy, when I was growing up, it was a huge disadvantage; Now that I am older, I found a way to make my youthful appearance part of my job! I am a detective that works with the police squad during cases that involve an undercover person. I often go undercover as a young person plus it is surprisingly easy to fool grown boys plus ladies, my buddy and I had a sting set up outside one of the local marijuana dispensaries! The reason my buddy and I were there was due to complaints that people were buying marijuana products from the dispensary for younger people. The kids were paying people over 21 years of age to buy marijuana plus they were giving them currency to do it. My buddy and I set up a sting plus I was part of the operation. It was my job to approach people to ask them if they would buy marijuana for me in the dispensary. I gave them $20. $20 isn’ta lot of currency. I didn’t know my buddy and I would catch multiple people unless my buddy and I gave $50, despite the fact that I was totally wrong. My buddy and I nabbed eight people in the first half of the first day. I had to bust one of the boys from my outdated highschool with. I can’t say that I didn’t love that at all, and he was approached by one of the other undercover officers. He was gave $20 to buy a $10 package of marijuana from inside of the store. The guy didn’t hesitate plus delivered the product about 20 minutes later. He was in handcuffs soon after that.


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