I can clean my house without stopping every five minutes.

Last week, I was cleaning my house to prepare for my kid’s birthday party.

I had been using medical marijuana for almost a year, and thought I knew how it affected me.

The budtender at the medical marijuana dispensary had given me a comparable product than what I normally used. They were out of my 4:1 CBD products, and he gave me a different product. He said there were a few differences, but it was pretty much the same. The few differences were that instead of being 80% CBD, it was only 25% CBD and the rest was full of THC. I knew something was different when I cleaned my house without stopping every five minutes to relax my back. It felt so good to get something done, but when I finished, the energy rush and feeling of utter joy were still there. I was giggling at everything and I laughed when I saw the light bulb unscrew itself. My husband came home an hour later, and I was sitting in the corner, afraid to move. I thought the floor tiles were standing at attention and waiting to attack me. He looked at the medical marijuana I had used and he shook his head. He helped me to bed and laid down with me. The marijuana was 78% THC, and the CBD was only 6%. The other 16% was terpene and other products that make up the marijuana. When I woke up, my husband told me he had gone to the medical marijuana dispensary and showed them what they had given and said how the budtender said it was the closet thing they had to the CBD products I used.

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How often can I use medical marijuana?

The one thing the medical marijuana dispensary did not specify when I got my medical marijuana was how often I could safely use it in one day. They told me it could take from two minutes to 90 for the medical marijuana to work. The reason for this is that if you are using an ingestible, it isn’t an instant fix. Just like taking aspirin or other pain relievers, marijuana needs to get into your bloodstream. There are some forms of medical marijuana that can be smoked. These medical marijuana products work almost immediately, but they only work for a short time. The ingestible marijuana product takes a long time to take effect, but the effects last longer. The first time I used medical marijuana ingestible, I felt nothing within fifteen minutes, and I used more of the product. Fifteen minutes later, I still didn’t feel any different and I use the product a third time. Had someone told me they could take up to ninety minutes to take effect, I would have waited; maybe not patiently, but I would have waited for over fifteen minutes. A little over an hour after taking the first dose of medical marijuana, I was feeling it, and I wasn’t happy. I was dizzy and when I looked at the clock; I thought it was moving on the wall. The people on tv were in 3D and walking right toward me. My husband found it amusing until I felt like I was going to be sick, and then he worried. I spent the rest of the evening giggling and laughing at his weird faces, and he stayed right with me.

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If they legalize medical marijuana, could they possibly include it in our prescription plans?

One of the biggest problems with medical marijuana in our area is the cost. Nearly fifty percent of our local population are retirees with set incomes. At least twenty percent of those people could benefit from the use of medical marijuana, but they can’t afford to purchase it. Since they legalized medical marijuana, I thought they should make so the insurance companies put it in a separate tier pricing category so people could use their medical insurance to make the purchase. Medical marijuana is one of the best supplements a senior citizen can use. It doesn’t upset the stomach, or cause any forms of psychosis, as long as it is used properly. Naturally, there would need to be a restriction on the products purchased and easier instructions on how to use medical marijuana. Since I know of one person who takes medical marijuana for her dementia, I know how important it is to have simple instruction for use. Too many over-the-counter drugs are misused by senior citizens. I’m not talking about sixty or seventy-plus people, but those in their eighties, nineties, and beyond. When I watch my grandfather use his medical marijuana, he becomes calm and his agitation dissipates. He soon has moments of lucidity that we hadn’t seen since they diagnosed him with dementia. I am grateful his doctor prescribed medical marijuana, but I also know the burden it puts on him to pay the price. I’m going to lobby on the state and federal levels, to place marijuana on the health insurance for people who have it gotten it legitimately.

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The federal government recognizes marijuana as a medical alternative.

I heard on the news that the federal government is now recognizing medical marijuana as a medical alternative to western medicine.

My husband and I were happy to hear this, but it surprised me to hear the amount of people who thought it was wrong. Medical marijuana had help many people that I knew, and I was sure there were thousands of more people that have been helped with the use of medical marijuana. My husband and I thought this was a step in the right direction. What amazes me about the people who deny that medical marijuana should be legalized are of an age where the people probably used marijuana illegally in their youth. I had to admit that I had used marijuana in the sixties, and when I found out how much trouble you could get into, I quit. Now that medical marijuana is legal in our state and the federal government is also recognizing it as a medical alternative, i was hoping to see my parents and others get the ID card. Many people use prednisone as a miracle drug for almost everything, but I’m thinking medical marijuana could be better. Prednisone can cause stomach ulcers and other serious side effects. They have not proved medical marijuana to have any adverse side effects, except that it is easier to use, and it helps with many health issues. When I started using medical marijuana, I noticed a big difference in my eye site. I had glaucoma, which is a side effect of corneal transplants. The medical marijuana reduced the swelling and I can see again.


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Cannabis consultant came up with a great idea

When my recreational cannabis dispensary wasn’t doing so hot I contacted a professional.

I found that marijuana consulting businesses look at all aspects of your business to identify what is wrong. I had the cannabis consultant look over everything. He walked around my store, looked at the products, scoured my books and chatted with my budtenders. There were days he was out of the store doing research. At first I thought he was just sitting at his house and letting me pay him. Turns out the guy actually was doing his job. He was looking around at my competition. He was comparing what they had to what I had. The size of their store, the products offered and what type of style they were all going for. The cannabis consultant said my problem was that I didn’t offer anything different from my competition. I was set up just like them but smaller. He highly recommended I push something unique. The guy told me that there is a market for edibles and my area isn’t getting the job done. He helped me develop an on site bakery in my cannabis dispensary and get locally made edibles too. I now offer the largest selection of edibles in the city. Our whole store is now branded around that fact. People are coming from different states to try some of our unique edibles now. I never would have thought to do this on my own. I wouldn’t have noticed that no other business had a great selection of edibles.



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I tend to care about cannabis that is high in CBD along with THC

I had a rough experience the first time I tried cannabis with a buddy of mine who didn’t have my best interests at heart. She assured myself and others that I would think amazing after inhaling three hits in a row plus burst out laughing the third she observed that I was starting to have an anxiety attack. I couldn’t handle the THC plus was abruptly going into panic mode. That jerk attempted to petrify myself and others as every one of us were in low lighting in the middle of the night, although I credit my other buddy for seeing my discomfort plus going out of her way to get myself and others out of that entire situation before I suffered more. It took myself and others trying cannabis a number of times afterward before I became comfortable enough with the effects where I was enjoying them instead of fearing them. I l earned a long time ago that cannabis with high CBD numbers often results in a much more even high overall. The CBD inside the cannabis buffers some of the uncomfortable effects of the THC that could become unmanageable if the product was devoid of CBD altogether. I often look particular ly for batches of cannabis flower products that have high CBD numbers inside. Otherwise I can simply buy high quality hemp flower products off the internet plus mix them with my high THC cannabis flower products. Sometimes the CBD levels are high enough in the hemp where I’m able to get an even ratio of CBD to THC. I experience lower instances of stress or anxiety as a result of cannabis consumption if I mix in CBD products all of the time.

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Thankful I can have concentrates delivered

It took me a while to get comfortable with concentrates.

I wasn’t quite sure where to start and was a little intimidated by the high THC potency.

Fortunately, the budtenders at the dispensary are extremely knowledgeable and happy to help. I learned that cannabis concentrates are created by distilling the most desired part of the plant. It strips away the excess matter and leaves behind the trichomes. The trichomes are where the cannabinoids and terpenes are found. This makes concentrates excellent for medicinal purposes. They typically have a rich, golden color and can be anywhere from sticky to crumbly. The THC levels can be up to 95%. There are a wide variety of concentrates and each one is unique. They are made using different methods, including solvent and solventless. Some of the types are hash, rosin, budder, crumble, shatter, diamonds, kief and live sauce. They can be used for vape pens or dabs. They can be integrated into recipes or taken in capsules or as tinctures. Because of the condensed form of concentrates, I only need a small amount to achieve strong effects. I am very thankful that I can choose my favorite brands and strains of concentrates online. The dispensary offers delivery service so I don’t even need to leave home to get them. I can shop at any time that’s convenient, place an order and have the package brought right to my door. I have signed up for the dispensary’s loyalty program, so I don’t pay any delivery fees. Plus, I get notifications when there’s sales on concentrates or new products available.

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