Marijuana deals

This month the weather has been worse than I have ever seen in the region.

I have only been here for a short time, but even the fifty year locals said the storm was a surprise.

Waves on the coast line were near thirty feet. It felt like a hurricane to me, even if it is December. Surfers were going to try to get out there, but the beaches were strictly patrolled by the state police plus the forest rangers. They weren’t going to let anyone out there. It would have been a threat to life. It was strenuous for myself and others to manage through the storm. I was evacuated on New years eve. The state police officer said all of us had thirty minutes to get out of our apartment before the dam breaks plus washed out the bridge. The bridge never washed out, but then it continued to rain plus the threat to life was imminent once again. We were sent packing once again for our own safety… During both of those catastrophes, I nearly lost my mind trying to figure out where my family plus I were going to go. I was thankful to have medical marijuana. I have had a cannabis card for the past several years. I can get low cost medicine at the marijuana shop because I am a medical patient. I buy as much marijuana as I need plus I never run out. I constantly find good deals on marijuana nearby too. Just Last year I got several ounces of 33% orange dream marijuana for less than $100 plus that included all of the taxes!

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