I just smoked more weed to get through it

The weather this month has easily been pretty bad and I have not seen anything that is worse really in the whole region.

Everyone of us have only been here for a very short amount of time but the people all around us said the storm was a huge storm.

There were many waves hitting a coastline at around 30 ft and to me it seemed like we were having a hurricane weather in the middle of december. Surfers want to get out there but the beaches were very strictly patrolled by police officers Plus it was very serious for myself as well as others to make it out of the storm. The people I was with in addition to myself had to Evacuate the area where there was a potential flooding to occur. They told us that we probably had 5 minutes before they could no longer let cars pass the bridge and I knew that was kind of Bologna but we had to move anyways. The only thing that could get me through it was smoking marijuana. There were so many catastrophes and I felt like I was easily losing my mind. The low-cost medicine at the marijuana shop is always a good idea. I frequently buy marijuana just like I need plus then all of us do not run out. I consistently find pretty good deals on marijuana nearby too so just last year I was happy to get an ounce of 33% orange cream marijuana practically for free.

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