I ran across an ad for a recreational cannabis store

I was flipping through one of those local magazines that they have at the grocery store the other afternoon when I was waiting in line and I happened across something that was pretty surprising to me… Usually, I do not look at the magazines in line at the grocery store, but it was pretty tied up that afternoon and I was going to be in line for a long time.

I started looking at this local magazine and something odd caught our eye. There was an article in it about a new recreational cannabis store, however apparently, this new recreational cannabis store is going to be opening up right in our city in just a couple of weeks, lots of people in the city are against it, and I guess there’s a whole big uproar going on about it here. This was the first I hadeven heard of it though. I do not understand why so multiple people are against having a recreational cannabis store here in the area. I personally believe that it’s a good system and it would be good for economic growth … Both of us would get all kinds of tax replace from it, and I guess that has why the Chamber of Commerce decided to let them open up here. I am absolutely happy for the recreational cannabis store to open up. I might even try to go and get a task there. I appreciate using all unusual kinds of recreational cannabis to help myself and others feel better when I am super stressed out and I need to relax. I believe that the recreational cannabis store will be good for our community, then hopefully, others will start feeling that way too whenever they get up and running.

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