A new recreational cannabis dispensary just opened up

A new recreational cannabis dispensary just opened up near our house, & I can’t think our nice luck.

  • I just found out about the new cannabis dispensary because our friend Lucas came over & he was all excited.

When I asked him what in the world was going on, he told me that the grand opening signs were up & then there was a line outside in the parking lot. At that point, I had no idea that they were even working on a new recreational cannabis dispensary.I tend to stay under the radar around here, so sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on. Apparently, the new recreational cannabis dispensary is opening up just a few streets away from our house. I’m not surprised that we have a new a single, however I am surprised about the fact that it opened up right by our new home & I didn’t know about it! However, I cannot say that I’m very sad about this. Now, I will be able to walk to get our recreational marijuana products instead of having to drive to a dispensary anywhere else. I think it will end up being very handy for me. I may end up just going over there & applying for a task, too. I appreciate to work really close to apartment if it’s possible. I don’t know what kind of products they are going to stock over there, however I really hope that they will have lots of weird kinds of recreational cannabis edibles. I appreciate edibles best of all, so I hope that they have a huge menu.

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