My partner thinks that he wants to open a cannabis dispensary

I can’t think that I am even saying this, however our partner thinks that he wants to open up a cannabis dispensary here in our town.

She retired from his high stress task last year, & now he has decided that he wants to open up a new cannabis dispensary right here in our own backyard basically .

At this point, there is not any type of cannabis supplier anywhere close by. I’m sure that our partner would undoubtedly end up having lots of buyers & we would undoubtedly make a small fortune with the cannabis business, however I’m just not sure that I want to go into it at this point in life. However, if you know our partner, then you know that he is a force of nature. Whatever he wants, he goes out & gets it. She knows that cannabis is really a growing supplier right now & we all know that it is growing more everyday. She is already talking about having a marijuana delivery repair with the cannabis dispensary. She thinks that having his own cannabis dispensary will be really fulfilling for her, & he is undoubtedly right. She is consistently looking for a new challenge, & I think that if people want to buy marijuana products around our area, they will end up coming to his cannabis dispensary. I know I might as well just go ahead & get on board with the idea because he will not let me do anything else. It’s pretty pointless to fight with his most of the time, so I might as well get used to the idea of driving around as a single of his marijuana delivery repair drivers!

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