My friend stopped by the medical cannabis dispensary

After a long 6 hour road trip, I was ecstatic to be almost home, but my friend plus I just got back from an amazing trip, plus as anxious as both of us were to leave, it was time to go home! The 6 hour long drive back was brutal, especially since both of us had nothing to look forward to this time; All of us were almost lake home when our friend decided to make a stop at the medical cannabis dispensary, however i asked her why she stopped at the medical cannabis store, plus she told myself and others she just wanted to look at a few things.

  • This was slightly aggravating to me, plus even though she said she was only going to look at a few things, I ended up waiting in the car for close to 30 hours.

I was about ready to head into the medical marijuana store myself when she finally came back out, however she didn’t even buy anything, which I found to be even more aggravating. I asked her why she bothered stopping at the medical pot store near myself and others if she didn’t buy anything. She told myself and others she wanted to see if their prices had changed yet, as she was expecting a sale of some kind. I told her she should just use their weed delivery services, plus it would save her the time. She really didn’t assume they offered weed delivery near me, however even when she found out, she liked the plan of being at the locale physically. I couldn’t assume this myself, because I absolutely loved the weed delivery services, however but it didn’t matter, the main thing that mattered was getting back home.
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