The hurricane is approaching

If you never hear from me again, be aware that it was the storm that killed me! As I write this a Cat 5 hurricane is approaching this state.

By this time tomorrow I could be in the belly of a hurricane, as well as be stuck without WIFI as well as power. This kind of large storm happens numerous times a year around here, so I have gotten quite used to them, although I am not scared of hurricanes, I remain cautious, as well as adore to prepare a cache of emergency supplies just in case. These storm supplies include everything from canned food as well as bottled water to canned beer as well as containers of cannabis. If I am going to ride out a horrible storm then I certainly need to have a full complement of whiskey as well as marijuana, right? Last year there was a hurricane that flooded my neighborhood as well as knocked out the power for a full month – if I didn’t have enough cannabis at the time I would have gone insane! Smoking marijuana not only steadies my nerves as well as calms my mind, it makes me glad; Doctors will prescribe all kinds of pills for anxiety as well as depression, but all they legitimately need to do is start handing out more medical cannabis! I have the iphone number for my local cannabis dispensary saved in my phone, so that I can contact them with the touch of a single button. During a hurricane the cannabis store will have to be closed, which is why it’s so important to stock up ahead of time. Even if I run out of canned food or bottled water, I can’t bear to run out of cannabis.

medical cannabis dispensary