I’m going to use the cannabutter to make cookies

I have a completely and totally amazing recipe for butter for bread cookies.

I’ve been wanting to make marijuana edibles out of the cookie for a while.

I found some cannabutter sticks at the dispensary this week and I plan to use them to make the cookie recipe. I’m going to make some cookies that are just plain shortbread and I am going to make some that taste like almonds with pecans that are crushed up into tiny, little pieces. I also plan to use the sticks of cannabutter to bake pot brownies. Pot brownies are always a hit with my friends and family and the end of the month will be thanksgiving. I think that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce a big batch of pot brownies. We can have pot brownies in the morning and we will be starving and hungry by the time that the turkey is done. We will be able to get a nice nap in before we start all of our Black Friday and holiday shopping. This year the marijuana dispensary is even having a Black Friday special. All of the cannabis products will be 20% off all day. I’m going to stop by the cannabis dispensary after I finish up with the mall and the superstore. I really need to make sure that I get all of the things that I need from those places before I worry about recreational or medical marijuana supplies. I want to find the games my son wants for his Xbox and my daughter wants a robot pony from the tech shop. I have a whole list of items to gather that day.

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