I tend to like cannabis that is high in CBD along with THC

I had a rough experience the first time I tried cannabis with a buddy of mine who didn’t have our best interests at heart.

  • He assured me that I would feel amazing after inhaling 3 hits in a row and burst out laughing the minute he observed that I was starting to have an anxiety attack.

I couldn’t handle the THC and was hastily going into panic mode. That jerk attempted to terrify me as every one of us were in low lighting in the middle of the night, but I credit our other buddy for seeing our discomfort and going out of his way to get me out of that entire situation before I suffered more. It took me trying cannabis a number of times afterward before I became comfortable enough with the effects where I was enjoying them instead of fearing them. I l earned a long time ago that cannabis with high CBD numbers often results in a much more even high overall. The CBD inside the cannabis buffers some of the uncomfortable effects of the THC that could become unmanageable if the product was devoid of CBD altogether. I often look recognizably for batches of cannabis flower products that have high CBD numbers inside. Otherwise I can simply buy high quality hemp flower products off the internet and mix them with our high THC cannabis flower products. Sometimes the CBD levels are high enough in the hemp where I’m able to get an even ratio of CBD to THC. I experience lower instances of stress or anxiety as a result of cannabis consumption if I mix in CBD products all of the time.

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