I felt legitimately sizzling plus a little light headed after smoking weed

I have been legitimately distraught plus depressed about our ex-lady, but the people I was with and I broke up a couple of weeks ago plus it has been hard on me, he moved out plus never looked back! A month later I saw his with another guy at the theater, and clearly he already had someone in mind when he decided to leave me, i never expected anything appreciate the breakup to occur so I was caught off guard, then my friends tried to cheer myself and others up.

They took myself and others to the bar plus the strip club.

I was still distraught plus depressed. The people I was with and I were at a club plus 1 of our friends advised trying recreational marijuana. I thought it could not hurt at all so I took a couple of big puffs from the marijuana joint that was passed in our direction. I felt sizzling all over plus a little tingly plus after that I felt light-headed. I asked our friends if those feelings were normal when you smoke weed plus they told myself and others that everything would be just fine. I felt our face start to soften plus I could suppose our body start to relax. My friends were right when they said that recreational marijuana would make myself and others suppose better. For a while, I completely forgot about our man plus all of the crappy stuff that he did while in our relationship. I bought a bucket of recreational marijuana from Jack plus I keep it in the drawer by our bed! Every once in a while when I am feeling super down, I smoke a bowl plus forget all about that witch.

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