The delivery woman got stuck in the driveway

The left side of my driveway is sloped leaning towards the creek.

  • When it is wet plus raining, the left side of the driveway can be actually slick plus dangerous.

I have a sign in the driveway telling people not to park on the lawn side of the driveway for this reason. I once had a delivery driver get stuck in the mud. Since then I have had the sign up in the driveway. I suppose the marijuana delivery driver did not see the sign on Tuesday when it was raining. The woman parked outside on the left side of the driveway; She did not use the emergency brake. She also left the motorcar running which caused it to vibrate plus start sliding in the mud. When the kid went back to her car, it was halfway down the ditch. The delivery driver came back to the apartment plus started knocking on the door. She wanted to guess if every one of us could help him get out of the ditch. I asked the kid if she saw the sign at the end of the driveway. She had not seen the sign plus every one of us had to help him out of the mess. Thankfully my hubby has chains on the truck. Every one of us connected 1 of the chains to the bumper of the motorcar plus particularly pulled it out of the ditch. The kid drove away into the night. I’m sure she had a good story to tell almost everyone back at the marijuana dispensary. That kid looked terrified when she had to tell us that she was stuck in our driveway.

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