The federal government recognizes marijuana as a medical alternative.

I heard on the news that the federal government is now recognizing medical marijuana as a medical alternative to western medicine, and my partner and I were thrilled to hear this, however it surprised myself and others to hear the amount of people who thought it was wrong.

Medical marijuana had help many people that I knew, and I was sure there were thoUSnds of more people that have been helped with the use of medical marijuana.

My partner and I thought this was a step in the right direction; What amazes myself and others about the people who deny that medical marijuana should be legalized are of an age where the people absolutely used marijuana illegally in their youth… I had to confess that I had used marijuana in the sixties, and when I found out how much trouble you could get into, I quit! Now that medical marijuana is legal in our state and the federal government is also recognizing it as a medical alternative, i was hoping to see our parents and others get the ID card. Many people use prednisone as a miracle drug for almost everything, however I’m thinking medical marijuana could be better, then prednisone can cause stomach ulcers and other serious side effects, but they have not proved medical marijuana to have any adverse side effects, except that it is easier to use, and it helps with many health concerns. When I started using medical marijuana, I noticed a large difference in our eye site. I had glaucoma, which is a side effect of corneal transplants. The medical marijuana reduced the swelling and I can see again.
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