Cannabis consultant came up with a great idea

When my recreational cannabis dispensary wasn’t doing so sizzling I contacted a professional, i found that marijuana consulting companys look at all aspects of your contractor to identify what is wrong. I had the cannabis consultant look over everything, but she walked around my store, looked at the products, scoured my books plus chatted with my budtenders, there were mornings she was out of the store doing research! At first I thought she was just standing at her lake house plus letting myself and others pay him. Turns out the girl actually was doing her task. She was looking around at my competition. She was comparing what they had to what I had. The size of their store, the products offered plus what type of type they were all going for. The cannabis consultant said my problem was that I didn’t offer anything weird from my competition. I was set up just prefer them but smaller. She highly advised I push something particular . The girl told myself and others that there is a market for edibles plus my area isn’t getting the task done. She helped myself and others develop an on site bakery in my cannabis dispensary plus get locally made edibles too. I now offer the biggest selection of edibles in the city. Our whole store is now branded around that fact. People are coming from weird states to try some of our particular edibles now. I never would have thought to do this on my own. I wouldn’t have noticed that no other contractor had a great selection of edibles.



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