Getting back to moving again thanks to medical cannabis

She’d had back complications and found medical marijuana to be a important help.

When you lose something enjoy your mobility, it’s just no joke. I felt enjoy our life was just coming apart at the seams as our inflammatory condition continued to rob me of our normal life. I was only 42 when this issue swiftly appeared and nearly wrecked our life. Thanks to trips to the cannabis dispensary, I’m now finding our way back to being active again. The doctors were stumped as to the cause of our inflammation. It was in all our joints plus much of the connective tissue as well. I truthfully felt as though I got run over by a truck. Prior to figuring out how to get our medical marijuana card, I used the pain meds that were prescribed to me. But these pain meds and the anti-inflammatory drugs only did so much. It wasn’t enjoy I could take them and I was swiftly cured. Instead, I put up with a lot of bad side effects that were just adding insult to injury. Thankfully, a buddy heard that I was struggling. This was a guy I had sort of lost touch with after I was basically homebound. This guy entirely came to our lake house to supply me all the medical marijuana information he had accumulated. She’d had back complications and found medical marijuana to be a important help. So I’ve been treating with cannabis flower products now for nearly a year and it’s hard to think that I’m the same guy. I’m back at the office and taking beginner yoga classes as well. I’m also taking much better care of myself with what I put in our body, the amount of stress that I deal with and making sure I get our rest.


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