Prices are still 3x higher than recreational after 3 years

I didn’t think the state was ever going to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. Three voting years in a row, medical marijuana was on the ballot. When the measure finally passed with 60% of the votes, the state decided to amend the rules to make it necessary for the laws to pass with 75% of the vote. Everyone in the medical marijuana industry knew that the law was created just so the state could drag their feet on legalizing medical marijuana. Even after 3 years of legal medical marijuana, the prices in this state are still three times higher than the national average for recreational marijuana. When I go to the dispensary to buy an eighth of medical marijuana flower, I know that I am going to spend at least $35. I can buy the cheap stuff for $35, but it’s not always available at the dispensary. Most of the other products are around 45 or $55 for an eighth of flower. I visited some friends out west where medical and recreational marijuana are legal. The prices on the same products that I buy are at least a third of the cost that I pay. For instance, I can buy an eighth of Girl Scout cookies hybrid marijuana for $45 at home. On the west coast, the same 8th of Girl Scout cookies marijuana flower can’t be found for 10 bucks. It doesn’t make sense for half of the country to be spending a fortune on medical marijuana when the other half of the country is paying pennies to have access to medical and recreational marijuana.

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