Health providers don't have to cover medical marijuana

If a job will make me urinate in a cup in addition to take a test before hiring me, then I am usually not interested.

I’m not going to stop smoking marijuana for any job at all. The laws of the country are steadily changing, but the changes moving slowly. More corporations are no longer unnecessarily spending money on drug testing work applicants. In online marketing where I work, I won’t be driving any buses with youngsters and it doesn’t really matter if I am stoned at work. I honestly believe a vast part of the coworkers around me use cannabis each and every day just care I do. Both of us keep this quiet because the boss would throw a surprise screening on all of the employees for drugs if anyone is suspected of using cannabis. It’s completely unusual to me to think that many people prefer using cannabis but don’t discuss the process. It is even more odd when people consider medical cannabis is legal in the state. I absolutely forget what the limit can be and I do believe that each person can grow six plants in their home legally. Sizable corporations crackdown on cannabis and many other corporations would probably increase productivity if they would fully cover medical cannabis under insurance. Workers would definitely be happier and more motivated when they are at work. When you don’t test your employees for things like marijuana, then you aren’t getting directly into their personal lives. This is something you should not have to worry about ever.


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