She made the best brownies I've ever tasted

When your plan is getting drunk in addition to stoned, the worst thing to do is rent a place that has no smoking policies.

There were several of us renting a modern home close to the lake for several Mornings in addition, our plan was to get drunk and maybe do some fishing or swimming.

We were going to cook our food over a bonfire. That was the only thing that both of us really wanted all weekend. Joshua rented a location for all of us that did not allow anyone to smoke indoors and both of us were very mad. It was easily 100° or more outdoors and smoking outside was not part of what we wanted to do. Anyone smoking cannabis absolutely knows that humidity in addition to keep the buzz from being good. When we found out that we could not smoke inside, Josh went to the grocer to find some brownies. He got a couple of boxes of brownie mix and put cannabis inside of them. The brownies were ample and most of us were stoned the whole weekend. Some other friends brought with them magic mushrooms and we decided to dump an ace bag of magic mushrooms into the brownie mix to see if we could feel the effects. The magic mushrooms legitimately hit each and every one of us and then the Cannabis came in too. The high from both of the psychedelics was honorably nice to be honest and all of us don’t remember a whole bunch more after that was over.


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