I’m so happy that legal weed is section of the program

So I did not go into this overall lifestyle change quietly.

In fact, I went into it bitter, resistant & begrudgingly.

But it was either change the way I lived me life or lose my health, my relationships & ultimately everything I’d worked for. But the bonus of the situation is section of the deal is I’m using legal weed these afternoons. That’s indeed a big bonus. I have smoked recreational pot for decades. And I care about recreational weed when I was younger. Of course, it was illegal so I had to be really careful with it. Once I started my career though, I quit using recreational pot altogether. Getting busted for recreational weed would have cost me my career. There was nothing more pressing than my career at that point in my life which, looking back from here, was a big section of the problem. I was just so into making a name for myself & achieving in my task. I was for sure passionate about my field of work but it was the success that was more charming to my ultimately. That’s where things went off the rails. That need to succeed & impress ended up alienating those closest to me while keeping me at the office all the time. Legal weed is helping me remember what is really fundamental & essential in my live. With recreational pot in my life, I now understand that my happiness comes from the connections & relationships in my life. That’s been a big motivator to change my work life, diet & exercise regimen as well.


recreational weed