I think cannabis should be covered by health insurance

If a job is going to make me pee in a cup and take a drug test before they hire me, then I am not interested.

I won’t stop getting high for a job, not for ANY job! The laws in this country are slowly but steadily changing, so more businesses are doing away with the unnecessary expense of drug testing their applicants.

I work in online marketing, after all, I’m not driving a school bus full of kids, so who cares if I get stoned before work? I would guess that the vast majority of my coworkers all use cannabis on a regular basis, just like I do. We all have to keep quiet, though, because the bosses have been known to throw a surprise drug screening on employees they suspect are smoking cannabis. It’s so weird to me to know that most of the people around me enjoy using cannabis just as much as I do, and yet we can never discuss it. It is all the more strange when you consider that medical cannabis use is legal in this state, and the latest concessions allow property owners to grow a certain number of mariuana plants on their land. I forget what the limit is, but I think that you can grow up to 6 cannabis plants legally! If the government is finally being cooler about cannabis, why are big businesses cracking down on it? If these corporations really wanted to increase productivity they would let medical cannabis be fully covered by medical insurance, and see how much happier the workers were.

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