The most killer pot brownies of all time

When your entire plan revolves around getting drunk and stoned, it is not wise to rent an AirBnB that does not allow smoking.

There were six of us renting a cabin by the lake for three days, and our whole plan was to get as wrecked as possible, maybe go swimming, and cook food over a roaring bonfire.

That was all we wanted for the weekend, so when Josh rented us a place that didn’t allow smoking inside, we were all mad at him. It was close to 100 degrees outside, and anyone who smokes cannabis knows that high heat and humidity will kill your buzz before you can enjoy it. Josh decided to rush to the grocery store and get brownie mix, to whip up a huge batch of pot brownies. With enough cannabis in them, the brownies would be ample for getting us stoned all weekend long. But wait, there was an extra treat in the mix, because Janine brought a bag of magic mushrooms, which we dumped into the brownie batter with the ground up cannabis. I will say that they were the worst brownies I’ve ever had, the taste of the mushroom and the cannabis did not pair well with the chocolate. We didn’t eat the pot brownies for their taste, however, we were eating them to blast off to the stratosphere! The magic mushroom actually hit us all first, but then the cannabis came in low and slow and tempered the manic high of the psychedelics. To be honest with you, I don’t remember much after that.



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