CBD products can be absolutely costly if you do not have the right sources

I know that we’re all trying to desperately save currency wherever we can these days.

No 1 expected inflation levels to get to the point where they’re resting right now as we enter the Summer yet again.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly morphing into endemic status, people are still getting sick and facing forced work quarantines. Between losing income to positive COVID tests and dealers always being short staffed, I can’t imagine the economic troubles are going to improve anytime soon. The people I was with and I are all left to our own devices to figure out 1 way or another to afford our basic essentials and everyday groceries. The rise in cost of raw meat is almost as awful as the rise in cost of gasoline in particular. If you have a fixed income that didn’t increase with the rise in cost of living, you’re screwed financially. I feel absolutely awful for the people who aren’t just hit by these high prices, but also priced out of their respective markets. For instance, I started taking CBD products weekly when our local stores started carrying them in 2019. The full spectrum CBD products I use were always costly, but in the past year the price has gone up by 25% at the least. I had to look for strange sources for CBD or I wouldn’t be able to afford it at all, and thankfully there are some amazing online CBD vendors that have competitive prices on safe products that undergo lab testing. You can beat that level of value, especially if you’re buying CBD currently that doesn’t have paperwork explaining where it came from.



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