Some days are harder than others at work

I was so happy when I got the job working at the marijuana shop.

I applied for 6 months before someone finally interviewed me for a position.

I thought that I was pretty lucky when I finally got an interview. I woke up bright and early on that day and took a shower. I was ready and prepped with questions for the interview. The manager called me a couple of days later and offered me a position working as a marijuana delivery driver. I was bummed out when I had to say no. I didn’t have a car that was capable of making deliveries every day. I thought I was done but the manager then offered me a position inside of the building. I started working part time and eventually I picked up more hours. I currently work around 40 or 45 hours every week. I don’t mind getting overtime. It’s nice to be able to pay all of my bills. One thing that I like about my boss is that she is always fair and flexible with the schedule. When I need a day off she has always been there to say yes. She is just as nice to the other employees that work at the marijuana dispensary. A couple of weeks ago that manager ended up giving three people the same week off and all three were daytime shift employees. She couldn’t say no after approving all of the vacation time, so we were totally stuck having to deal with the missing personnel. I wanted to quit my job for the first time ever. I was ready to walk out of the building and leave. We were severely understaffed throughout that entire week.
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