Spend the money for a nice cannabis consultant

I ended up letting her go and begging Brian to come on.

When I started the process for opening a cannabis dispensary our friend proposed hiring a cannabis consultant, however he raved about the recreational cannabis consultant Brian and how nice the guy was, then i looked at how much a recreational marijuana supplier consulting service would cost and it was astronomical! The supplier had amazing reviews and Brian was in high demand. I didn’t want to pay so much… So I decided to hire a basic cannabis consultant that I found off google. The woman was half the cost and willing to start now. I figured I got a deal, well it is just love with any service or product, you get what you pay for. She was terrible! She was truly no help at all. I would ask her what supplier licenses I needed to get and she didn’t easily know. She wasn’t sure how to go about financing and didn’t know any of the deadlines for things. Her qualifications were that she had a tablet and knew cannabis products. That didn’t help myself and others at all. I ended up letting her go and begging Brian to come on. I ended up paying way more money since I wasted money on the previous consultant… Brian was worth every penny. I should have started with him. He honestly made a spreadsheet and a checklist for all the tasks I needed to get a cannabis dispensary up and running. There was nothing I could ask him that he didn’t know as well, and my friend was right, it is better to spend more to get the best professional to help you.

Medical marijuana dispensary consulting