I told my child that an indica would help out better than a sativa

When the healthcare expert prescribes medicine, it’s important to get exactly what you need.

The healthcare expert has to write the dosage, product, and the times when the medication should be taken.

The healthcare expert told my child that she thought medical marijuana would be a fantastic option for her to help with pain that she has had since a automobile accident occurred in 2015. The healthcare expert did not really tell my child anything when she gave her the prescription. I thought that was honestly strange and odd. My child did not know anything at all about medical marijuana, then she went to a medical dispensary and I went with her to see how things went. Thankfully there were lots of helpful people that pointed my child in the right direction. They advocated starting with a low dose marijuana edible. They pointed out some of the ones that were particularally for pain. The bartender also advocated starting with a CBD product as well, because CBD is another cannabinoid known to help with pain and swelling. The product recommendations were a fantastic help. The staff members were a fantastic help. They did more to help my child than the healthcare expert did. She did not educate her on the dangers or the benefits. I find it rather unsettling that the healthcare expert can prescribe marijuana to a patient separate from ever going through the process of explaining the difference between an indica and a sativa. My child did not even know there was a difference when it comes to the products. She really has a lot to learn about marijuana.
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