I spun the wheel on Wednesday with no luck at all

The marijuana dispensary has decided to celebrate the holiday by offering a wheel spin to every single person that has an order more than $50, however i went to the marijuana dispensary on Wednesday… That’s when I found out about the sale.

  • I already plan to spend $50 on marijuana products.

I got to spend the wheel. I looked at all of the spaces on the wheel before I spun it around and around. There were a couple of pretty cool prizes on the wheel! One prize was a $50 gift card for the dispensary! Some prizes included hats, pins, lanyards, and t-shirts. There was a grand prize space on the wheel and it was legitimately small. If I had time to count all of the spaces on the wheel, I would know that there were at least 200 different spaces for the clicker to land on and only one of those spaces had the grand prize package. The Grand Prize package was a gift box from one of the major manufacturing companies of live resin concentrates. There were six live resin concentrates and five infused free rolls in the grand prize package. It was absolutely worth two or $300. I spun the wheel on Wednesday and I did not have any luck at all. I ended up landing on a sticker space, which is basically like getting nothing at all. The dispensary stickers are cute, although I wanted free marijuana. I plan to go back on Wednesday when I get paid again. There is no rule that says you can’t spend every single day! As long as you spend 50 bucks, you get a shot at the prize.


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