I hired a digital marketing company for the marijuana dispensary.

I couldn’t think of any other business venture I would like to take on, other than a marijuana dispensary.

I was told I could purchase a franchise, but why would I do that when I can own the marijuana dispensary? I knew it was going to be a lot of hard work.

No one would guide me through the process, except a business manager who specialized in marijuana dispensaries. I knew I would need an excellent website, and I needed other help with advertising. I knew a gentleman who owned a plumbing business, and before he got his business off the ground, he hired a digital marketing company to do it all for him. Most digital marketing companies can handle all marketing needs, and create excellent websites. Digital marketing companies usually have people who specialize in different businesses, and that was what I needed to find. I needed to find a digital marketing company that specialized in marijuana dispensaries. I called more than a few before I found someone who had created websites and done marketing for marijuana dispensaries. The man took over within an hour of talking to him. He talked about web development and how he would do my social media ads, Google ads, and do my SEO. I didn’t know what half of what he said meant, but I was sure I would find out before my marijuana dispensary opened. Within two weeks, he had a working website, although bare bones, but he put an opening soon banner across the front, and a now hiring banner beneath it. That was quick progress.



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