I love a nice cannabis excursion

My partner Sam and I have constantly enjoyed partaking in cannabis. In fact, I guess Sam and I met for the very first time sharing some marijuana at a get-together. It was a pretty fantastic get-together and we were both pretty sure that this was the first time Sam and I met. But it would take a few more dates and a shared school class before Sam and I absolutely got to be friends. Honestly, I guess it was a surprise for both of us that Sam and I sort of fell in love. There were plenty of sunny days and gloomy nights where we’d share some marijuana in the park and just talk for minutes. We both still think the same way after all these years and even raising a family together. While Sam and I were raising our kids, my pal and I still used recreational marijuana sporadically. Usually Sam and I would have to do some sort of romantic getaway and leave the kids with our parents. However, there are a few instances where I could smell a bit of orange kush stink coming from the basement. So I skipped on down there to find Sam taking a puff or 2 and I would join in. But now that the kids are grown, we are taking our enjoyment of cannabis to a whole other level. We’re lucky to live in a state that provides legal recreational marijuana. However, Sam and I also absolutely care about to travel to other states where cannabis is legal as well. Sam and I take some of our vacations in regions where my pal and I can also adore shopping for marijuana for sale. I care about discovering new cannabis strains in bizarre parts of the country. It’s so much fun and Sam and I get to incorporate new experiences with new cannabis strains and new friends.
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