What will happen to the marijuana dispensary?

John has been the director of the cannabis dispensary for as long as I’ve worked here, he’s such a nice ancient dude, friendly to everyone he meets, however well, a single weekend all of us all found out that he had been stealing from the dealer, and both of us were all shocked, especially by the way things played out, but picture the scene – it’s late in the night, and there are only a few buyers in the cannabis dispensary, then john and I were laboring, and all of a alarming a man walks in flanked by 2 security guards, then the man was the regional director for the parent contractor that owns the cannabis dispensary.

The security guards physically took John outside of the cannabis dispensary, saying he was forbidden from being on the premises, but if John tried to come back into the cannabis dispensary they would call the police and have him arrested for trespassing.

I was appointed as the temporary director of the cannabis dispensary, while they evaluated the store and figured out how to right the ship. I was a little afraid, because if John had stolen too much inventory they might decide to shut down the cannabis dispensary entirely! For the next 2 weeks I was acting director, and helped the accountants and inventory experts evaluate the cannabis dispensary and all the products, and once I even saw John hanging around the cannabis dispensary parking lot, so I called the cops on him. Tomorrow is the big day, and I will find out if they are keeping me on as the cannabis dispensary director, or if they are bringing in someone new.


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