I'm a huge fan of sativa strains specifically

I’m happy that I don’t have to work nights anymore.

Even if I got plenty of sleep during the day, I found myself nodding off while I was trying to do my work at my desk at night.

I worked for a company that did a lot of business with clients overseas, so I had to be awake for the time zones my clients were in. For the longest time I was drinking so many caffeinated drinks that my blood sugar levels were off the charts. At that point I just started buying caffeine pills and taking those instead. I have heard some people say that you should just go up down copious amounts of water at night to stay awake, but that never worked for me. Some people take those crazy supplements that have all these weird herbs in them to use as stimulants. If I’m going to use something other than caffeine to keep myself focused at night, it’s going to be cannabis. There are certain strains of cannabis that are really good for working and focusing. Typically these strains of cannabis are sativas. But that’s not always the case, as there are plenty of indicas that are stimulating in their own right. Since the sativa strain is typically just based on the look of a leaf from the same marijuana plant, it’s hard to say if being a sativa is going to result in a stimulating strain every time. In reality it’s the terpenes in the strain they determine its effects. but all in all, I’m a huge fan of sativa strains of cannabis and definitely buy more of those when I’m budgeting for the month buying my cannabis products from the medical cannabis dispensary.



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